Presentation of the seminar “Evangelisation through comics” in Moscow (Russia)

On the 5th of April 2003 in the office of the Russian ECB Union, with the assistance of the Union’s leadership, there was held the first seminar “Evangelisation through comics” in Russia, which was organised and held in the frameworks of the project of a Christian Literature club “Excalibr” and the our site.

Igor Popov, Chairman of the Literature club opened the seminar with a short welcoming message.

Igor Kolgariov, the co-ordinator of the Christian comics site told the audience about the background of the comics genre in the world and in Russia, about the advantages as wonderful visual aids in presentation of Bible stories to people and reaching them with necessary information. Christian comics from various countries were presented and it was told about the old prototype of the comics in Russia – “lubki”, which had Christian character from the very beginning and the power of influence of the comics, which represent an alloy of literature and drawing, was stressed.

Alexander Galkin, the author of comics from St. Petersburg told his testimony and the way to add colours to drawings with the help of computer programs.

With great interest the audience listened to the speech of Nathan Butler, comics’ author from the USA. He is the leader of the Mission “ROX35”, which aims to teach Christians to produce and evangelise people in the world with the help of comics (Butler is known for his work in the series of programs “Archie” and in the children’s program “Sesame street”). He told about the application of the comics in various spheres of life, for example, when designing the fire instruction on board a plain, in the textbooks and so on. Nathan Butler in details told about the process of comics’ creation in America, and answered questions on colour separation and distribution.

After a short tea break there was held a discussion where the perspectives and opportunities of publication of Christian comics were discussed, the situation with the comics’ production in Russia and in the world. The importance of this kind of art for children, teenagers and for people with hearing problems was stressed. Such people can be reach with the Gospel news more effectively.

The meeting was held in a friendly and businesslike atmosphere. It was decided to develop Christian comics in Russia and offer them to all mass media means for publications, to find and invite for work other Christian painters and scenario writers, to seek understanding and counteroffers from Christian publishing houses and magazines.

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I. Kolgarev

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